Other mission Prior to NASA and robotics

NASA and roboticsAlthough NASA spends most of its budget for space flight in human beings, there were many robotic missions. In 1962, the Mariner 2 mission was launched and became the first spacecraft to pass near another planet (Venus in this case).

The missions Ranger, Surveyor and Lunar Orbiter were essential to discover the nature of the lunar surface before trying to send astronauts. After the two Viking probes landed on the surface of Mars and have returned color photos of Earth. Perhaps more impressive were the Pioneer and Voyager missions that have visited Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Having lost the moon race, the USSR has changed its approach. On 17 July 1975, Apollo 18 spacecraft docked to the Soviet Soyuz 19, in the Apollo-Soyuz project. Although the Cold War has continued until the 1990’s it was an important moment in the history of NASA, and international collaboration that is commonplace today began with this mission.

The first space station of the USA, Skylab, was built in the late 1970.On robot called a mechanical device automatically performing tasks generally considered dangerous or difficult for humans. The development of electronics and information technology allows treatment increasingly complex.

The definition of what is recorded or not robot varies among countries. In Japan, for example, this category includes unlike the France number of machine tools programmable. Despite their high cost at the time (for lack of powerful microprocessors mass-produced), robots have become very quickly, the early 70’s, for certain tasks like painting body automobiles, air toxic fumes.

What are BEAM Robots?

BEAM-robotsThe term BEAM is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics. BEAM robotics was invented (and is patented) by Dr Mark W. Til den whilst he was a student at University in Canada.BEAM robots do not use computers or micro-controllers as brains they have ‘hard-wired’ electronic control systems. Generally they are much cheaper to build than computer controlled robots. Continue reading

Robot Astronaut Robonaut 2 in this year’s first went into space.

Robot AstronautCurrently, NASA makes preparatory operations whose purpose is to launch the space of a humanoid robot Rowboat 2 (R2). The robot will go to the International Space Station (ISS) in the mission Discovery STS-133 launch is scheduled for the month of September 2010. Continue reading

South Korean robot for search and rescue operations on the seabed.

South Korean robotAccording to information received from the publishers Korea Times, after the incident with the South Korean vessel Chenoa, wreck late last month and claimed the lives of many sailors, the South Korean government has allocated $ 18 million in financing for the project, Continue reading

Lego NXT Robot communication with PC

NXT-RobotGeneration Robots markets programmable autonomous robots, i.e. it is possible to program the robot’s behavior based on data it receives from its environment but also the code of conduct is on the robot, is the meaning of self. There are commercially available robots are not autonomous but which are controllable, e.g. via radio-control or other means of connection. Continue reading

Lights, camera, action, started! Obsolete industrial robots have a new profession.

industrial robotsCamera work in film is one of the most complex works, the choice of the correct position to take, smoothness and accuracy of camera movements, and much, much more significant effect on the quality of filmed footage. Continue reading