Welcome to interActive Systems – The People

In 1994, Dr. Martin C. Hirsch, assistant teacher for human biology at the University of Marburg, conceived an interactive simulation of physiological experiments. His activities resulted in the production of the “virtual physiology” series which has not lost its actuality since then – and the birth of the company iAS.

Today, the iAS comprises 25 employees, mostly graduate physicians, human biologists, biologists, chemists and pharmacists.
Our company is organized in two teams: in Marburg, the head of the company is located. Here, the planning and acquisition, project coordination and programming take place. Our team in Berlin consists mostly of 3D-designers, graduated in the fields of computer science, technology and biology.
We have a large reservoir of free-lance employees. For our graphic design, we rely on experienced professional designers. We also cooperate with various specialized companies and have established contacts with numerous institutes and universities. This creates a unique synergy of research, experience and innovation.