Humanoid Robot nowadays on television a foreword by Thomas Christaller A standard works – the first time in German translation! Humanoid roboter, nowadays on television or at exhibitions sees running around, as if they were people and impress us with various art pieces. There are certainly many people who are interested in how these movements can be realized. The aim of this book is to answer these questions. The proposed theories and techniques are used to Humanoid roboter HRP-2 to move. In principle, the same basic techniques with the famous HONDA of ASIMO or Sony’s QRIO by. By leaves of the book you will find that the content is by no means easy. For “Mathematics-allergy, he may be an overdose of equations dar. By adding pictures and diagrams, equations visualize this, we have tried to dry the image aufzulockern. But if Humanoid roboter impress people, we must not forget that complex mathematical calculations and physical hide behind. On the interest in Humanoid rob tern authors also want the fundamental interest in recent developments in modern technology awake.