Cocoon – Killer Wii

When it comes to virtual fun, we usually do not skimp on the quality of audio and video systems. No wonder, since the primary role in this respect plays a sensory perception of the game environment. To date, the most common consumer goods, which is the most advanced interactivity, is the console Nintendo Wii. But it is limited to a set of controllers and a television screen. Today, modern technologies allow us to make significant strides in the development of gaming industry and represent a new system, which, according to developers, will be “killer Wii” – Cocoon.

The new system is a camera the size of a human growth. This cybernetic cocoon completely covered within the LED-display and video cameras that track the movement of hands, feet and head right. In addition, the camera has a modern speaker system, create real three-dimensional sound effect. Sensitive to pressure platform, working with cameras, determines the speed of human movement, direction and type of movement: running, walking, etc.

The “Cocoon” by connecting to the internet that makes the system even more interactive, and expands the range of its application. For example, it is very convenient to use for virtual travel and tours. Just imagine: you’re walking down the streets of Tokyo, see the restaurant, and you immediately emerges, all the information about it.