I am a robot? You – robot? He – a robot? The future arrived?

robot5I am a robot … The future arrived?

Yes, it seems, we all – also robots. In the future. World of robots has become commonplace. And today – Robots, cyborgs are coming. What will happen in the future?
Most recently, on the future with robots and cyborgs writing fiction. And today the world of robots is no longer something unusual. Here are a few facts.

A significant increase in costs today and in the future in research and innovation in robotics
Thus, in the next 2-3 years, the European Union will double the investment in robotics and research in the field of artificial intelligence.
In recent years the number of robots in service by the U.S. military has increased several times. And, the analysts AAAS says that in the future – by 2020 one third of a soldier or a sample of technology will be robotic mechanisms with artificial intelligence (AI). In South Korea’s robotics industry has grown over the past 5 years by 40%. And the government of that country is planning to build in the near future – by 2013, two parks dedicated to robots. In the future parks will be presented to a large number of robots, with which people can communicate. This project is unique in the world, it will cost 1, 6 billion dollars.

Robots are rapidly umneyut and technically improved
robot6European scientists plan in the future to make a qualitative leap in the field of robotics: preparing the concept of robots capable of self to know the world, to adapt to changing conditions and make decisions, they will effectively interact with humans. In general, work on the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) are actively conducted. Developers of Japanese company Honda introduced a new version of the interface “brain-computer” where the robot moves under the influence of signals from the human brain. Robots are the skin, so a Japanese cosmetics company Kao has been developing and promotion of a new generation of skin for robots … used nanotechnology and nanobots are developed. Robots mastering emotions , get the system self-diagnosis and samoremonta, gain the ability to self-training.

Development of the Robot
According to forecasts in the near future – in ten years – on its “power” market robots and cyborgs may exceed the car market. It is no secret now rapidly developing market for robotic toys (usually androids), home health care and military robots. And in Tokyo held a championship robots athletics for the Cup Tsukumo than not a new market segment. And in general already are talking about the future of personal robots.

Cyborgs will become a mass phenomenon?
Man more prosthetic. Eyeglasses, dentures, more sophisticated prosthetic devices, replacement bodies, the introduction of the human body RFID-tags … What is not movement in the direction of cyborgs? Can so much to develop some individual subsystems and the parameters of man. Today it is a precedent: a ban specific disabled participate in regular Olympics (sprint). Allegedly, he has the advantage over conventional competitors. On the other hand, in the design of robots (and especially, cyborgs) scientists introducing an increasing number of bio-solutions: for example, the robot moves along the walls on the limbs, whose structure is “copied” from the gecko .

Recently appeared on the material bionic body shop ( Bionic Body Shop ). See Sample map (by Bryan Christie) of the human body and medical devices that will merge man and robot. Perhaps one day we will be able to do online shopping for bionic body devices: programmed for soccer legs or Google-neural interfaces.

Finally, there are already people who have already introduced robots into its family. Thus, the Chinese farmer Wu Yulu created a whole brigade of au. Each year, 46-year-old man creates one job, and thus provide a whole team of 26 machines to help him in his work around the house. All of their robots Wu called his sons , giving them their name and adds to her room, to help you determine how the account was made by one or another “offshoot”.

What will happen in the future?
The evolution of robots has begun, let’s call it – Ā«robotingĀ». Human evolution continues. It is said that in the development of “alternative systems together.” Locked in ever line of evolution of these systems? “Let’s keep track of what is happening in this industry. Watch the future, predict the development of cyborgs and robots, and maybe participate in this process.

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