NANC-E, the robot nanny

nance-eAfter sleepless nights, days when all they do is change diapers and women often fill bottles mad. Okay, are justified, I do not want to imagine the madness of a newborn little boy, with his bellowing, weeping, her belly dolorcillos in that rages in the heart, soul and patience of the generous mothers.
For them-and before resorting to the help of British nannies group we see on TV-the NANC-E robot Nannybot of Buy n Large can be very helpful. I further believe that agile android arms soon become best friends with these deranged mothers, housewives sudden and desperate for good …!

NANC-E has a kind of tentacles that encourage children or feed them when necessary. Almost as a nanny in the flesh, knowing this powerful android monitor the health and morale of the children. And for mothers to be quiet when delegating tasks, the robot responds only if the sentence is pronounced verbally indicated, almost a secret code between mother-robot.