Roboavtomobil Hallucigenia

furo-fu-ture-ro-botics2Japanese technology company fuRo (Future Robotics), developed a miniature car with a beautiful design called Hallucigenia. Named it in honor of the ancient animal, the principle of action which is taken for this mechanism. Hallucigenia – a car with eight wheels. These “robotonogi” should give the driver a great level of control over the car. Thanks to many autonomous steering wheel car can move in any direction: to rotate on the spot, climb to a height of about 20 degrees and more.

This concept is important redundancy and manageability of the wheels. So, if you move up or at overcoming the obstacles of the wheels can be raised or the wheel, in this case, can act as a scout, if you will, the role of “touch the vehicle. In addition, this platform can work without problems with one or two broken wheels. Also planned to be able to control a rollover accident during heavy acceleration or braking.

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