Robot amoeba, changing shape

Most recently, in electronic media reports of mini-robots, and even the cyber (insects, controlled by electronic pulses, and can bear a miniature video camera) with an interest Agency DARPA

Now, the military focused on the development of amorphous robot that can change shape like amoebas. Americans believe that the property wills the robot successfully perform a wide range of military missions. The future robot named Chabot (literally, “chemical robots”), and the company iRobot, won the DARPA, has taken up its development in earnest.

Participation in research, in addition to the personnel of the company, will be specialists from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: chemists, materialized, specialists in the field of executive devices, electronics, etc.Financing the project – also more than serious. Agency DARPA has provided 3.3 million dollars on this development. Well, let’s hope that the next few years, the robot, like T-1000 from Terminator 2, will become a reality!