Robot-Pigeon: pigeon Remote

Nature has equipped the pigeons an on-board computer absolutely perfect. Instinctively, they can navigate in space without the need of visual landmarks. But the instinct of the pigeon is not unbeatable for science. Scientists have used chips to force the pigeons to ignore their natural radar and fly at the request up, down, left and right. If the scientific aspect of such experience is undeniable, however, it raises ethical issues
Chinese researchers claim to have created the first remote control pigeons in the world by announcing that they can control the minds of birds at the click of a mouse. The experience which would horrify the defenders of animal rights, as to be carried out, the pigeons were receiving a chip implanted in the brain. Using an electrical pulse sent from a computer on the ground, the researchers manage to follow the flight of pigeons, and force them to take a specific direction in a straight line.
This goes against the natural instinct of the birds that usually grows to use circular flight paths.
“This is the first time that such successful experiment on a pigeon,” said Professor Su Xuecheng, researcher at the center of science and robotics at the University of Shandong in China. Professor Su and his colleagues claimed to have already obtained similar results with mice in 2005. They have improved since the devices used in the experiment. It was long believed that pigeons lost their sense of direction during electrical storms. Professor Su and his team have carefully studied the effects of time on pigeons to design the implant.
“We hope that the technology could become easier to use in the future,” said Professor Su.
The exact use of such technology remains a mystery. The order of thought is a very sensitive issue, even if limited to pigeons and mice.
It is quite surprising to note that some newspapers have reported this experience with scientific légerté sometimes. While some commentators have actually pointed out the controversy of such experiences, others can not see a way to hunt pigeons environments where they are undesirable, without even noting that the control of pigeons is certainly not the most lucrative of this kind of technology