Robot Taizo instructor in gymnastics

Robot Taizo instructor in gymnasticsSeptember 10, 2009 in Japan, National Institute of Industrial Technology, Agency for Science and Technology, the firm General Robotix, and Ibaraki Prefecture, the new robot presented Taizo. Covered in soft and fluffy material, this humanoid robot will work Gymnastics for the elderly.

This robot has passed the five pilot tests in orphanages and community centers. It is noted that a robot can contribute to healthy lifestyles among older people, as they pleased to exercise with such a few clumsy robot.
He is able to perform about 30 exercises, even while sitting in a chair. Taizo can be controlled by remote control, and using verbal communication, however, the speech recognition software allows the robot has to understand only a small number of phrases.
Options Taizo: height 70 cm, weight 6,5 kg (14.3 pounds) and 26 degrees of freedom. Use a lithium-polymer batteries. In the robot applied a patented servo motors, created by General Robotix.

In the plans the developers think to provide the user interface that will easily create gymnastic exercises, utilizing the expertise of professional trainers.

As expected, Taizo will be ready for commercial production in 2010. In the future, Taizo creators hope that their robot will facilitate the development of physical culture and fitness – for people of all ages.

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