working humanoid robot

robotIndustrial Technology Research Institute, an independent corporation on November 26, 1998 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was conducted in five-year plan are “co-coordinated research and development of human-robot system (HRP: Humanoid Robotics Project)” announced the final results and was released to the press.

This announcement though five-year plan and the total settlement, HRP-1 / S, HRP-2 / P and the full use of “personal service work”, “empty home management tasks”, “work with people”, “Construction Acting driving machine “,” plant maintenance tasks “such as all the published research results.

HRP is one of these five areas, and collaborate on humanoid robots and human beings, how can the agency work, and explore the possibilities that are, on the basis of these results to the basis for future industrial development of robots The aim had been to.

At the venue, and last year was announced as a four month interim results, published last month also 12, but HRP-1S is mainly due to a substitute driver and saw some things will be the first time.

In particular, the “controlled fall” demo is literally a human “is Ki Basa” in the form of HRP-2P is “falling” in what will be the first time published.

The state last year was conducted just before the sitting, a commercial excavator (backhoe) for a substitute driver, the cockpit unassisted climbing robot, in addition to sitting the first time in the state, working in the rain also published. Besides this, as compared to the time of its interim results, which improved the overall accuracy of the demo.

HRP project leader Professor Hirochika Inoue

In this project, the demo was released, five were proven to be able to work in the field of humanoid robots one, according to project leader Professor Hirochika Inoue, “rather than the actual outcome of these tasks, these can be applied to (hardware, including software) development platform, what is the possibility that their results “in that was developed in the process, HRP-2 and its simulation and control software” OpenHRP “is what has to be the greatest achievement of the project. These technologies are expected to be published in all technology as open architecture.

In addition, HRP in 2003 and finished third with the moon, HRP-2 for the 2002 Integrated Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization since new (NEDO) has conducted a “robot-based technology work in real research “in, plans are applied to further enhancements. In addition, HRP-2 plus HRP-3 and further improvements are planned for development, expected to run from the year of 2003.