A humanoid in basque beret?

QACTU_VIDEO_PREVIEWIt is the “Holy Grail” of all robotics: build a machine that can communicate, move, act, adapt to new situations as would a man. A device where all the specialties of robotics would be met – visual recognition, speech synthesis, walking, handling, etc.. – And having our appearance. Only problem: the dream of engineer not enthusiastic about the French industry, the only ones able to finance such research. In Japan, however, large companies like Toyota and Honda are committed to compete in this area.

Then France will she’s humanoid robot, too? It is not impossible. The missing funds, such a device will not be built by our engineers. However, it could be purchased in Japan. This is the meaning of an agreement between the CNRS and the AIST (Agency of Industrial Science and Technology in Japan), who gave birth to JRL (Joint Robotics Laboratory), a laboratory based in Versailles and Tsukuba and direct video. His French and Japanese researchers work together to improve the HRP2 humanoid robot.