ConnectR, a robot that can see everything

spykee-meccano-robotNo, although it is not like the famous and powerful super smart Roomba vacuum cleaner but belongs to the same family. This time, iRobot has surprised us with a device that is no longer engaged to scrubbing floors or picking up dust but deals with a subject far more interesting as the control of what happens to every inhabitant of our house. Because ConnectR is a device consisting of a camera and a microphone that will monitor and listen to each family member so that the others know at all times where you are and you are doing. This small miniature robot works with wireless technology and can be controlled via a remote control or remotely by anyone who is watching their movements via the Internet.

The most unusual is that the device has a special light that can be activated with a button of personality. ” Thus, if a family member is angry with what you see you can put it in red to show your mood or choose any other color according to your mood. And more, it comes with two cameras, a wide angle lens for viewing the floors and a super zoom … guess what … as for reading to children! Finally a computer rather than a robot is a nanny.