Robot HRP-4C sang and danced

robot HRP-4C sang and dancedHumanoid robot HRP-4C this year participated in various activities and in various roles. Often, in the role of fashion models. This is understandable because the form of a robot, gait, gestures humanoid robot like a human. The robot, developed by the Japanese National Institute of Science and Technology, recognizes it, says a well-developed facial expressions.

Today the girl-robot endowed with new features, and again in the spotlight. Robot HRP-4C sings beautifully, and in so doing, it helped the company Yamaha.

Supplement dated 30 November 2009.
Robot HRP-4C company AIST demonstrated acting skills at the exhibition of digital content Digital Content EXPO 2009 (22-24oktyabrya 2009), performing vocal and musical numbers, accompanied them with gestures.

Such entertainment robot’s abilities have been created using: actress Sayuri Watanabe (Sayuri Watanabe), as a prototype for a robot moves, choreographed dance performances Mr.SAM, as well as through the work of researchers from AIST (Kazuhito Yokoi, Mr.Yokoi Kazuhito) and laboratory IRT Tokyo University (Masaru Ishikawa, Mr. Masaru Ishikawa).
Mr.SAM regrets the lack of a robot complex facial expressions, body movements and limited the robot. Therefore, gestures and dance steps were made only for the upper body.

See the pair dancing robot HRP-4C & HRP-2 Promet.
Developers have created a system of movements, which does not require complicated setup, and simple movements can be set using the software for the PC. Planned next year to prepare more advanced software. Humanoid robot HRP-4C, dressed up as Hatsune Miku, sings in the exhibition CEATEC Japan 2009.