Robots already kissed!

Robots already kissed!Thomas and Janet, the first two robots who dare to kiss. The kiss between robots was in December last year during the presentation of scenes from the thriller “The Phantom of the Opera” at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Since then, the robots are working on their technique. Chyi Yeu-Lin, a professor of engineering mechanics Chui Ling Yeou said that organize a kiss between robots is not easy. Requires complex hand-eye coordination between robots and robotic equipment self-balancing mechanisms.

To kissing robots look realistic, we used a number of advanced technologies, such as noncontact 3-D face scans, and 3-D morphing. Making robots kissing – this attempt, similar to other efforts to help robots to express human emotions. For example, recently researchers have created a robot that is incredibly similar to Einstein.

Thomas and Janet have six expressions “person”, which are created by actuators. Servos pulled in several spots in the eyes and mouth, giving the right expression “persons” robots. After all, these robots hope to join the group of actors and perform the role of robots.

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