Began to develop robots

Running a humanoid robot ToyotaWe all know about ASIMO, humanoid robot company Honda, have seen and its amazing possibilities in walking and running. However, in other research laboratories undertaking similar work. For example, the company is Toyota, though, and began to develop robots later than the Honda, has created an excellent model of the robot.

Prototype humanoid robot from the company Toyota (along with partners, developers) is the growth of 130 cm, weight 50 kg. The legs have 7 degrees of freedom, but he can move with an average speed of 7 km / h (y ASIMO maximum speed – 6 km / h). Company specialists Toyota developed new methods for robot control his balance in real time. This allows the robot to remain on his feet “with impulses and, of course, when driving.

Length of one step, the robot – 340 milliseconds, with the legs of the robot have no contact with the ground about 100 milliseconds. This can be seen in the fragment with slow motion.

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