The most famous android – ASIMO

robotasimo_0508What you need to be a real robot? Have a head, two arms and legs look like a man? Is this enough?

Yes, it is necessary to simulate walking, keep balance and not fall on level ground. ”
It is known that the main problem in the construction of androids were teaching robots the ability to walk on a human being.
And for this it was necessary to understand the technique of walking on two legs, to create a lightweight and powerful servo motors and computers: in fact need to process data in real time, to keep balance when walking.

Android – ASIMO
The most famous android – ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) firm Honda. This miracle of technology thoughts affects their achievements: ASIMO and confidence in his own graceful walks up and down the stairs. Also, ASIMO can dance alone to climb after the fall.
ASIMO robot recognizes people by their faces, remember their names, to refer to a specific person by name, recognize gestures and understands the specific set of words. Is that the only growth as a child – 120 cm Honda is not selling robot ASIMO, But leases it – a $ 170 thousand a year.

Robot-android company SONY – Qrio, is the successor model of SDR-4X, and similar to the ASIMO: can dance, combining the motion of the typical movements. Has a wide vocabulary (more than ASIMO), which allows him to make and maintain approximately 200 standard dialogs.

Create robots androids and other companies: Mitsubishi – robot Wakamaru; Fujitsu – robot HOAP-2; company ZMP – robot PINO 2 and others.

In Japan, recently created a robot-woman Repliee Q1: in place of the skin of her elastic silicone. Sensors and actuators allow it to move, like a man: Repliee Q1 blinking eyes, simulates breathing, able to respond to the touch, and movement of the robot are based on computer analysis of movements of people.

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