A humanoid robot Nuvo came to stores

As we promised a year ago, the Japanese company ZMP has developed after serial production gumanodinogo robot Nuvo.The robot 39 centimeters tall and weighing 2.5 kilos can walk and dance.

A humanoid robot Nuvo came to storesIt understands voice command (as well as equipped with remote control) can communicate with computers on high-speed wireless network and transmit over the Internet on a cell phone owner’s pictures from his eyes – a digital camera with a resolution of 640 x 480 resolution. A second eye, incidentally, is a bright LED backlight.

Through the Internet they can and manage, leaving home for a guard. Also, the robot does not just go ahead, but is able to recognize the obstacles and self-rising, if he fell.

Price novelties – $ 5450. The company intends to sell 2,300 robots, but – only in Japan. The prospect of the release of this product in other countries – so far not announced.

The robot is available in several standard colors (yellow, red, blue and gray), and also has the option, with shiny, intricately painted in Japanese style housing.

Painted, apparently by hand, because asking for such a version is already $ 8,2 thousand, but functionally it is no different from the more accessible.

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