Another emotional robot

Another emotional robotIn Japan the previous day was presented humanoid robot, capable of expressing their emotions through gestures and facial expressions. Scientists, University of Tokyo, which created a new robot, in one voice say that this instance – the first of its kind.

Miracle machine can express different emotions, including such as happiness, fear, surprise, sadness, anger and disgust, as the robot is able to open and close his eyes, moving his lips and eyebrows, use hands and feet. Robot arm are covered with soft material, which is supposed to copy the feeling of a human hand. The body of the robot is 48 different mechanisms that lead to the face and body in motion in different directions, according to Internet TV

Prof. Altus Takings and his team have spent on the development and establishment of modern inventions for two and a half years. Professor Takings sure that “Cobia” – a first robot that can express emotions all over. According to him, the ability to express their feelings is “an important factor in achieving communication between robots and human beings.” The professor also expressed the hope that such robots could be used in future to help the elderly in nursing homes, work on home and garden.

While the robot is still in the prototype stage, and people do not interact. Professor Takings noted that it may take several decades before robots, such as “Cobia,” can be used by people for their own purposes. In the future, scientists hope to create a robot that will ultimately think and behave the same way as men.

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