P3 booth demonstration at Honda Pariotosaron

ROBODEX2000-1Europe’s largest motor show was held in Paris in a big French Pariotosaron. It attracts more than 1.4 million people have far exceeded the number of such large-scale mobilization of the Geneva Motor Show and Tokyo. It remained as a record number of visitors in the motor show of the century. Attention in the world, announced a new concept car companies towards the 21st century. Meanwhile, Honda opened a new door to the 21st Century New CIVIC also recently announced. CIVIC humanoid robot that came to support the P3 is it.

And at 12, twice a day at 16. Honda booth at the Pariotosaron, P3 demonstration was held. MC’s appeared in the hall, “introduces us to our fellow Japanese rushed to support the Civic.” Under the sign of that came through the door open for P3. Customers and be greeted with great applause in the hall, greeted everyone in the hall Bonjour shaking hands.

Move to the music hall to the center P3. Then I heard the voice of joy and surprise in the audience. P3’s MC is stopped in front Japanese style bow your head down.

P3 has pointed to the Civic, “I’m rooting for in this new Civic.” Gestures to match the narration and the. P3 followed by further explanation. Is characterized by flat floor of the Civic, a large living space, high power, expressed in body language and gave low fuel consumption. Finally, “Please go and see new Civic thoroughly before you go home, I discover that I have not mentioned.” And I got the good publicity to match the narration. Bye specialty poses. I went to leave and farewell greetings to all the venues.

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