Robot HRP-2 Dishbot – Assistant to the home-all-trades.

Robot HRP-2 DishbotMost robots designed to help people in the household and the household, largely restricted to the functional and able to perform a small number of primitive actions. But the biggest dream is the dream that the robot will be able to completely replace the human in carrying out the daily routine household work. This ideal, thanks to the efforts of developers, came as close as the robot HRP-2 Dishbot, trained to perform, if not all, the majority of people operations for servicing and cleaning houses.

Humanoid robot HRP-2 was developed by engineers Dishbot one of the laboratories of the University of Tokyo (University of Tokyo’s Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory). In its development and learning technologies have been used to capture and digitization of human motion, like those used in programming computer games.

Robot HRP-2 Dishbot -3The robot is able to perform many operations by hand, which are made like human hands and have the same number of degrees of freedom. Using his robot grippers can easily take it, without damaging, fragile glass objects of different shapes and different tools, such as kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaner and a mop for cleaning floors. To protect against water and detergent on delicate mechanism of robot manipulators top wearing special waterproof gloves.

To ensure the freedom of the orientation of the robot in the surrounding space is equipped with a system of stereoscopic vision, allowing him not only to detect objects of the environment, but also to determine distance to these objects.Robot HRP-2 Dishbot-1

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