Robot target during training of snipers

Robot-target in the training of snipersObviously, when preparing to use snipers shooting not only on standard stationary targets and objects. And to improve the quality of training – should be as often as possible to shoot at moving targets. But until now, such targets almost was not, and if they are used and then they moved too monotonous.

Recently, soldiers from the Ministry of Defense of Australia adapted Seaway-robot – the company Marathon robots – for training snipers shooting. Of course, had to remake the model robot – add armored corps, lay the function of “showing falling bullets, put the robot as a human being, as well as a specially programmed movement of robots.

Now snipers can shoot at a group of fast-moving polygon robot that can move like real people on real streets and buildings.

Robot-target in the training of snipers 1Robots have a laser range-finders, so they can avoid obstacles when moving. They lean forward slightly, just as in reality, people walk. Each robot has a wireless connection to a central control panel that allows the robots to act together, depending on the programmed scenario, or in response to external stimuli. Really impressive how robots can be quickly dissipated by polygon with sniper shots.

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