The first prototype of such a machine was a robot

Kojiro - musculoskeletal humanoid robotKojiro – musculoskeletal humanoid robot, created by engineers JSK Robotics Laboratory, University of Tokyo. Built by Kojiro designed his body in such a way as to create a highly accurate simulation of human bones, muscles and tendons. The main objective is to build a robot, whose movement is swift and light, and as close to the movements of man.

The first prototype of such a machine was a robot, designed to accommodate about 60 to 34 degrees of freedom, which has ASIMO – the most advanced to date a robot (see photo Honda Asimo and note Roving robots). Is said to have become a highlight of the model flexible spine, which is one of the major innovations Kojiro. The robot is able to bend in different directions and to twist his body like a man. They had already been observed in any of the models developed humanoid robots. At the same engines used in the construction of a rather small size (16 mm in diameter and 66.4 mm in length), but very powerful.

The main drawback of the musculoskeletal system is the difficulty of developing software that can effectively manage all the nodes of the system. Currently scientists are working on it.

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