Looking like walking robot ASIMO, is difficult to believe that it is a reality, not a new episode of “Star Wars”.

In 2004, ASIMO received an honorable place in the Hall of Fame Robots “as the first real humanoid robot. “Robot Hall of Fame” was created at Carnegie Mellon University to celebrate the outstanding achievements of robotics. Continue reading

Robonova humanoid robot 1 for all audiences.

Robonova-15Robonova 1 is a new concept of robot that allows you to mount and control a humanoid robot as only he could do so far in advanced centers and research laboratories. Using the software included in the kit even beginners can easily fill the robot life. If you do not know anything about robots, you can start with this model and start making things more complex, as you gain expertise and practical. Continue reading

Robot target during training of snipers

Robot-target in the training of snipersObviously, when preparing to use snipers shooting not only on standard stationary targets and objects. And to improve the quality of training – should be as often as possible to shoot at moving targets. But until now, such targets almost was not, and if they are used and then they moved too monotonous. Continue reading