Graymark’s Scooter Model 601A

scooterHere’s an inexpensive kit from Graymark to help you learn motor theory, transistor switching and R/C time constant circuits. Comes with an excellent instruction book of lessons, schematics and troubleshooting guide. Scooter changes direction when you clap your hands or when it hits an object. See KrisTech’s independent First-Person, First-Robot Review — $16.95

Scrambler Model 606A
Graymark’s Scrambler is a 6-legged robot kit with an infrared eye which helps him avoid objects in its path. Its well-written instruction book discusses infrared beams, operational amplifiers, photo detectors and more. — $35.95

LEGO’s Robo Guardian
Its arms use magnets and claws, and his swiveling head holds a mini-spaceship and a spy. You control its arms via buttons on its back. Comes with two spies and a droid. Ages 8-12. 360 pieces, 8 1/2″ tall, $38.50. LEGO catalog #6949

t-rexRobotic T-Rex from LEGO
Working jaw, swinging head and tail, body that lifts and lowers. Three different motors and a flex cabling system. The T-Rex can be programmed via the attached control panel. The same pieces also build a helicopter. Runs on a plug-in transformer (included). Ages 11+, 1,063 pieces, $219. LEGO catalog #8485

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