Drinking” robots as toys for adults

Robots Saltbot and Pepperbot, which brought the dinner table
salt and pepper, we have already written. They "obeyed" the voice commands of
Rights and stand for $ 33 apiece. But robots Zibits American company Senario
cost just $ 10. It is evident from the remote control. Functions as a robot
Zibits can be roughly the same – to bring the master spice.

In such a "functional" modification toy robots Zibits attracted the attention of
the public at the last in early February 2010 in Nuremberg (Germany)
International Exhibition Toy International Toy Fair. After all, fun for the seed
meal by controlling the movements of the desktop robot waiters can not only
children but also adults.

In the "arsenal" of the company Senario there are 12 modifications robot toys
Zibits. They can move forward, backward and rotate around its axis by 360
degrees. They feed on the energy of conventional robots AA batteries.