Shiny new robot – mannequin

Shiny new robot - mannequin-1Robotessa represents the next generation “aistovskoy” line of HRP (Humanoid Robotics Project), in front of us HRP-4C.

The growth of the robot is 158 cm and weight with batteries – 43 kilos. With respect to the degrees of freedom, their 42, for example, in the hips and neck of three, and in the face – much as eight, they provide an opportunity to express emotions. Total announced the order of 30 electric motors, speech recognition, conversation, and possibly other ways of interacting with humans.

Observers noted that his gait HRP-4C is still very far from perfect. Deprived of a sense of human balance android forced to walk on bent. There are also problems with the facial expressions: the robot hangs open-mouthed and bewildered look on his face. Also it is impossible not to notice the disproportionately large hands.

Press release sparing of details, but soon HRP-4C debuts in Tokyo, acting as fashion models at Japan Fashion Week (Japan Fashion Week), which will be held from 23 to 26 March.

Later, the android will be used for such presentation-recreational activities, as well as human simulator “and” simulator of man. “

Shiny new robot - mannequinAs the Robot Watch, attaching the way, a bunch of photos, with HRP-4C NiMH batteries. They are fixed on their backs, their energy is sufficient for continuous operation for 20 minutes.

Dates appear in Sale has not yet called, on the other hand the price a very simple configuration known – 20 million yen ($ 203,000).

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