The android built by Honda shows in Barcelona their new skills.

352457_2It’s almost a little person. The robot Asimo, in which the automaker Honda wanted to show the world who could play “a complete and functional mobility,” showed yesterday for the first time in Europe that runs faster, speaking, serves coffee, is capable of shaking hands and that he can stop without therefore crash. More than many humans. However, one must be trained to talk with him say things very clear and let him know the intentions. And if not, let them ask the mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, who yesterday stood with his hand in the air awaiting the response of the robot when he helped to inaugurate the second Conference on Robotics. And is that Asimo, despite its progress, has limitations for assessing a situation, but once entered can matter politely admonish the speaker if you think this time is exceeded hold your greeting.

Proof Tray
So the robot, even though it was time employee at the headquarters of Honda in Japan as a friendly and efficient receptionist, crude would still find a job in the world of humans, if only to serve those cafes that with such skill its creators have managed to bring in a tray, which transports and leaves a smooth table. A daily gesture of humans do not stop to think about their complexity: acknowledge the environment, and move around obstacles, assessing the strength to bear weight, perform vertical movements and find a place to deposit the load. All this is possible because the new Asimo has used his fingers and thumbs like humans, to grasp objects. And many new sensors.
“We must improve decision making, the autonomy of behavior and how it works together,” said Edgar Korner, president of Honda Research Institute Europe. That is, make it more efficient. For scientists, he said, have been able to reproduce human mobility, with actions such as climbing stairs, or spinning while running without stop, but have not yet managed to convey the resolution and emotions. “Intelligence-type has a brain, but we to understand how the brain works to reproduce the architecture of control, “says Korner.

So far, this android backpack that measures 1.30 meters and weighs 54 kilos, makes his first steps as a player, with a perfect style. For those who want to check today, and free sessions are open to the public, but to see it is to travel to the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona.