Criminologists supplied nose. Electronic

criminologists supplied nose. ElectronicA list of robots able to distinguish between the tastes and smells is growing. Success developers in this area are very different applications. Perfumers, cooks, agronomists are already in service robotic analyzers of various substances. Now among these were added the American criminologists.

Complex chemical processes of decomposition begin to act in a living organism from the first moments after his death. Some of the products of decomposition is so volatile, that without any problems leaving the mortal remains of the body. However, their concentration is so low that to catch a few molecules of these substances can not even supersensible nose specially trained dogs. To aid in such situations and is designed robot electronic nose.

“The highest efficiency achieved in the search for the dead now with the help of dogs. But the preparation of each service animal requires a tremendous amount of time, skills and human effort, – says one of the authors of the development of Deng Spayks. – Another case of our device, which starts immediately after turning ”

The basis for the analysis are the smells of 30 chemical compounds that are formed within a few hours after the death of the organism. With this reference set of the system is able to determine the approximate time of death and take into consideration the humidity and temperature of the air or some other significant parameters.

Studies, served as the basis for creating a new type of robot, were performed on carcasses of pigs. Studying their stage of decomposition, the experts were able to identify the most typical compounds and to compare the time of their appearance with the moment of death. Development of a robot-nose took about two years. “We collected gas samples at various stages of decomposition of the body – explains Dr. Spayks. – The first three days we recorded the content of indole on the fourth day of putrescine appeared, and then the owner of the characteristic dead body smell – cadaverine. The exact sequence of appearance of different components in the process of decomposition allowed the detector set at the correct timing of death. ”

The device is primarily concerned criminologists and rescuers. That representatives of these professions often have to face the sad fact of life, searching for dead bodies as a result of crimes or accidents. Veterinarians from the same time can use new device to search for dead animals. This will avoid mass contamination and loss of livestock.

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