Exoskeletons on the march

Exoskeletons on the marchUseful thing – exoskeleton. I remember reading about it in some sort of fantastic story 60-ies. They used things like the Space Marines fighting the civilization of beetles (later the Americans made a few films and animated series fighters on this topic).

The most important and useful would be the exoskeleton for the elderly, disabled and rescue (not talking about the military, and so understandable).

I always perceived as an exotic theme exoskeleton as possible, but far into the future. However … The company Cyberdyne early this year, exports exoskeleton HAL-5. This is what we politely told CrunchGear. In August, six HAL-5 will get … no, not the police, and paratroopers. And hospitals. Unfortunately, not ours, and Danish. Exoskeletons six months will be checked for safety and effectiveness.

The device – it robokostyum, allowing patients with various forms of paralysis, and even move to lift heavy objects. Control method: capturing brain signals through the skin and transform them into commands for movement. It means, in essence, the cyborg.

HAL in the development of about five years. Dimensions: height 1 meter 60 centimeters, weight 23 kg. mozhetrabotat autonomously on battery power for two and a half hours.

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