Nedorobot – this robo-mannequin

1251317736_flower-robotics-palette2This Japanese creation – the robo-mannequin Palette, which “works” in shopping centers. Its main task – with the help of its sensors to detect nearby human, and change its posture. This is true, for example, the window display, which may be robo-mannequin. Man reacts to this “ice-stopper” (as the advertising agency), stops, considers the “move miracle”, and at the same time, drew attention to the clothes.

Says Tatsuya Matsui (Tatsuya Matsui), the chief designer of robots and chief executive of Flower Robotics: “This makes submitted robo-mannequin product more attractive and increases sales.”

Some Japanese stores have already started to rent robomanekenov priced at $ 3000 apiece, and the cost of their purchase – $ 50000.
Now the motion of the robot depends on the simple sensors. And the future, developers will be able to use the robotic system of recognition of people who for example, can determine the sex of a person may be identified from the “lens” to identify a person or logos on bags, clothes …