Robots → ATOM-based Windows XP

robotIn recent days, in 2009, Dan Mathias, president of the company Futurebots, which is one of the main suppliers of parts for American robotic companies, presented to the public of its robot ATOM-7XP.

Dan worked in secret to build a robot as much as eight years. He presented ATOM-7XP as a carrier of “advanced technology to optimize the movement.” This two-legged humanoid robot height 157 cm and weighing 72 kilograms has 49 degrees of freedom. He knows how to walk, speak, understand human speech and “see” (well, just like people) volumetric stereoscopic image.

ATOM-7XP equipped with multiple levels of automatic control. One of the distinguishing features of the robot – a management system based on Windows XP and Windows 7. The developer intends to use the robot for promotional purposes.