Japan: Advanced in Robotics

 Japanese researchers are working to realize a society where robots live with humans and perform simple tasks at home, like turning on the light, ordering the purchase or do the cleaning.

 Rapid technological development and the discovery of new building materials will allow, in just a few decades, there are robots able to understand, analyze and perform routine tasks, thus making it easier every day.

 “In twenty or thirty years, androids will be ready to be useful to humans,” said Shu Ishiguro to Efe, head of the firm Japanese Robot Laboratory.

 To achieve that future work thousands of Japanese researchers, who dream of giving life to science fiction novels and manga characters such as “Astro Boy”, super robot child idolatrado by children of the 60 Japanese, now engineers and scientists.

Industrial Production

Japan has about 4,000 researchers in the field of robotics, working mainly on improving industrial production systems, although a growing number of devices aimed at social use.

 In 2005 there were 108,000 robots in Japan for a value of 5,500 million dollars, but experts estimate that by 2025 the volume of domestic business will reach eight trillion yen (67,800 dollars).

Ishiguro does not hesitate to assert that “Japan is leading the research industry’s global” but points out that, “Today, the goals of robotics pass by applying technology to the existing machines, like cars or household appliances.”

 One of the most advanced areas of robotics in this country is the machine designed to rescue people in extreme situations, such as a large earthquake, and there are prototypes in the shape of a snake and caterpillar that might be available to rescue teams in just two years.

 If today manufactures a replica of the famous Terminator, the result would be a machine with more strength, vision and precision movements that the human being, but with the brain of a child of three years, hearing problems and no ability to run or jump, according to Ishiguro.

 An android would become such an expensive piece incapable of understanding what is happening around them.