Several Weekends Ago

klein_03While watching the Truck and Tractor Pull on TV and singing along with the commercials, some people from Seattle thought. What did they think? Even they don’t remember. But at some point the age-old instincts for competition, power — and yes, beer — came to the fore of their discussion. For some reason, TV lost its appeal, food seemed unnecessary, and even the joy of gardening dimmed to a shadow of its former self as these primal instincts became forever etched in their minds.

Armed with all the technology that Saturday morning TV and science-fiction theater could give them, they set forth on a daunting mission: to design and build an adversary that would stun, awe, and maybe even sell underwear to the entire world.

The question of Why? is as old as dirt.

The question of How? : A finely-meshed team of individuals bent on a single mission: destruction. The questions of What? and When? : These are best answered by … Robot Wars.

Do you want to be part of our team? Or see what we’re about? Maybe even laugh and ridicule us? Are you simply curious to see if this page gets good? If you’ve answered Yes to any of the above, then proceed. We dare you.