Development of technology

In recent years due to technologicalinto the future, many on the development of technology such as artificial intelligence robot,
Sensing technologies are a major breakthrough in future generations of robots driventemporary. In the huge market demand .
Shell Condition and application requirements, many producing countries to actively build and thinking scope of application of robots and

Market applications the next wave of robotic movements, and have made optimistic expectations more in Japan as “the next
Suicide in hand with a wave of industry-level applications. ” Intelligent robotics industry is an emerging industry, not the technology
Technique development, environmental construction, personnel training and so on China’s scientific and technological development are missing and so is not available
To be subject, thus introducing the Scheme willdevelopment and application of intelligent robot, the department will combine
The relevant existing mechanical and electrical hardware and programming, and will be participating in a robot with a number of years the competitive national race
Race experience with mechanical structure design, planning activities in the camps.