Asimo robot is really human humanoid robot Asimo from Honda now works independently and operates independently with its environment.
The new technology developed by Honda puts the robot now in the situation in an environment with other people and Asimo robots to interact. Asimo has learned and is now in a position to be harmonious. The robot can now dodge oncoming people. It covers the persons eyes with his camera, calculates its direction of motion and speed, calculated their expected movements and then selects independently the fairest way to the person not to hinder. Is not enough space occurs Asimo back and lets the people the priority. Even in the everyday work of a human being, the small robots now perform tasks such as wearing a trays and pushing a wagon. Another feature is that when Asimo below a certain battery now stand independently its battery charges. The comprehensive system allows that several Asimo robot work together for editing. They fit the situation, work together and can vote their environment so continuously. Should one of the Asimo robot, for example, be charged over his duties in other robots. With this feature of mutual tuning suggests that Asimo always human. Asimo is the most advanced humanoid robots, the end of 2004 the light of the world saw. His name is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility ‘.