Honda humanoid robot ASIMO

kloetzeHonda humanoid robot ASIMO “China Tour” stir Foshan, China Honda Official News 2009-12-19 .Have you ever seen a robot can walk upright Mody? Can you imagine the robot can run, play, or even with people dancing Mody? These originally appeared only in the science fiction scene, today turned into a reality. December 17 ~ December 20, from Honda R & D in the world’s most advanced humanoid robot ASIMO’s visit to China arrived in Foshan, through wonderful performances and interactive programs for schoolchildren and Foshan to spend a joy time. ASIMO, as this year’s “China Tour” series of events the third leg of a four-day performance of this caused a sensation in Foshan, a total of more than 200 primary schools attracted about 7,000 children watched, setting off a burst of “robot boom.”

ASIMO to simple and honest cute funny shape and rich performances to the primary site has brought endless pleasure. Freely walking legs, long-distance shooting, etc. Jueyi people marvel, but one leg standing, dancing, children-side beverage service for the interactive sessions is to attract everyone’s active participation. In performance, Honda also introduced the development of robot history, the secret of walking and running the knowledge of the content, so that pupils enjoy the wonderful performances at the same time learn a lot of scientific knowledge. After the event, the scene of the students have expressed an infinite yearning for the future of science and technology, and some dream of their own homes, like ASIMO could have the same partner, while others aspire To build more advanced than the ASIMO robot. Honda relevant responsible person said, ASIMO “China Tour” The purpose is to allow children to create a longing for the future, to stimulate their interest in scientific creativity.

Honda R & D, as the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO represents a Honda on the “future mobile culture” and the pursuit of revolutionary new technologies, and society of the future robotic and human harmony, and to provide services for people dream. Around the world, ASIMO through participation in various social activities to inspire people to pursue science and technology for the future, and sent to joy and dreams. In China, ASIMO “China” activities have been the cause of popularizing science and technology for young people to contribute, particularly in the wake of the Wenchuan earthquake, ASIMO has twice in the Sichuan condolences to the local primary and secondary students to bring laughter and joy for the children .

This year’s ASIMO “China” activities in Beijing, Wuhan, Foshan, three held, played a good science results. Next stop, ASIMO also went to Hong Kong, so that more young people come into contact with the charm of the future of science and technology.