Humanoid robot ASIMO will be hand-Foshan

kloetzeFoshan, a 4-day performance. By then, ASIMO will be nearly 7,000 children presented 14, Foshan an exciting performance, showing one leg stand, shoot, dance, drink side of the “stunt.”

This event is this year’s ASIMO “China Tour” series of activities in Beijing, Wuhan, after the third stop.

ASIMO is Honda’s development of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO’s name symbolizes the Advanced (New Era), Step in (into), Innovative (innovation), Mobility (move tool) meaning. Honda hopes to create a human life in space to move freely, like with the high mobility and high-intelligent humanoid robot, it can in the future society in harmony with people, for people to provide services. ASIMO can walk freely to carry out such as “8” shape to walk up and down stairs, bending, and other “complex” movements; and can be followed the music and dance, 6 km per hour speed run. In addition, ASIMO can interact with humans in collaboration shaking hands, finger-guessing game such as action, sci-fi movie plot seems to become a reality.

The trip to Foshan ASIMO will be from 17 to 20 theaters in the South China Sea held in Nanhai, Foshan City event organizers will distribute free tickets to schools, children may be accompanied by parents holding tickets for a taste of ASIMO close presence. (Wang Yunqing)