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RoboCup 2006 Fußball Weltmeisterschaft der Roboter

The Robocop competition has long been mocked as mere gimmick. But researchers from other fields see the chickened machines now the high art of robotics. By the year 2050 will be acting autonomously humanoid robot can play better football than people. Specifically: A robot team, according to official FIFA rules against the then reigning world champion and when. That is the stated objective of the international Robocop initiative, the Chinese Suzhou near Shanghai just their twelfth annual World Cup tournament has finished. The project solves either spontaneous enthusiasm, surprise or anxiety. In particular, experts respond but is still happy with herablassendem Naserumpfen. Robot Soccer is not a serious science, it is about. The soccer field is much too simple structure, to participate in the orientation of the robot significant requirements. As an educational tool for motivating students may be such a competition may still apply lassen. Aber real research and development, a widespread opinion, would elsewhere. For example in the military. There are clear, quantitative targets: By 2015, according to the demand of the U.S. Congress, is third in the ground vehicles unmanned combat. To meet this target, the U.S. military research authority Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) since 2004 “Grand Challenges” organized competitions for autonomous vehicles, initially a lonely desert stretch manage and less than a year on the “Urban Challenge” even in simulated urban traffic had to cope. Dirt desert trails and a complex urban road system – that sounds as realistic first robot football. However, the Darpa their participants not to the unvarnished reality released. It was the desert route earlier levels, to prepare them for the sensors of the vehicles to more easily. Curves were marked by GPS coordinates fairly well defined. And in simulated urban transport missing pedestrians and cyclists complete. Who in the robot soccer pitch simply structured notes should also not forget that the positions of players and the ball in this constantly changing field – with speeds, in relation to the field size is many times faster than the vehicles in the Urban Challenge . Against this background it is hardly surprising that at the Robocop research teams participating in last year at the Urban Challenge proven. The once with the FU Fighters “on the soccer field experience brought the team Berlin” by the Free University of Berlin as one of four German teams into the semi-finals of the Darpa contest. It had to Berlin with less than one tenth of the budget of the subsequent winning teams require. Your car, which they 25000 U.S. dollars at Ebay in Canada ersteigert had expected the cheapest in the entire competition was.
Robot guard barracks
The European counterpart to the Darpa competitions in the United States, the European Land-Robot Trial (Elrob), it was similar in July. Among the various military scenarios, with the help of robots on the training ground of the Bundeswehr in Hammelburg tackled should be included guarding a camp. While all other teams of their remote robot, took only a former RoboCup participants the desire of the organizers for more autonomy seriously and sent a robot acting autonomously on site. The also succeeded in fact, an intruder to identify them. Alexander Small of the University of Freiburg, which also reached the final of the TechX Challenge, a competition of military research authority Singapore, has managed to these successes should, inter alia, the repeated participation in the competitions of the Robocop Rescue League owe. Perhaps this is the crucial point: Many, their judgment on the Robocop like once since then and no longer have verified escaped seems to be that the tournament includes far more than football. On the playing field are in fundamental issues – such as self-locating, behavioral selection, or cooperation on the question of how to Zweibeiner can run and jump – whose solutions are also interesting for many commercially important applications. But the Robocop initiators from the outset was aware that such applications are not always obvious and often develop additional research effort is needed. Therefore, and are next to the football competitions additional competitions. The competition in since 2001 for rescue robots, Robocop Rescue, has already established itself as a globally recognized, standardized test environment established. Who in any doubt, take a look in the just released “Springer Handbook of Robotics” throw a 1600-page standard work, the current state of robotics summarizes. With Satoshi Tadokoro, Daniele Nardi and Adam Jacoff include the relevant organizers of RoboCup Rescue to the authors of the chapter “Search and Rescue Robotics, which is also several times in text and image on the Robocop bezieht.A similar trend is expected to set the 2006 Robocop competition @ Home service robots for the upcoming budget. Who in the Robocop world championship in Suzhou zusah how robots trailing in a home environment-oriented as they were held and transported objects, faces wiedererkannten, of course, only through language or gestures were controlled and how it again and again encountered difficulties encountered – who all the mitverfolgte, involuntarily had to ask how many at fairs and in media reports often targeted grobspurig robot could keep up at all here. As German fans knew, for example, like how the Federal Ministry of Research with almost seven million euro Deutsche funded service robotics initiative “Desire” in the arena of Robocop @ Home would prove or in the media very present “Care-O-Bot” the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA). Even in five years it could be so far that no one is taken seriously, its robotics products are not the relentless testing this competition. Who still snooty to the Robocop herabschaut, his attitude should be urgently reconsidered once.