Robot CIROMI works in cinema

Robot CIROMI works in cinemaSouth Korean company ED Corporation recently introduced a robot CIROMI, who will work in the cinema. Company developer has signed an agreement on the use of the robot in a newly built theater.

Robot to discover – with a laser range finder – a man turns his face to the man and welcomed him. Then the visitor can make a choice of several things: use the touch screen for computer games or to view the ads that people can send an e-mail, or make pictures with the built-in camera.

In the future, the robot CIROMI be able to maintain a simple conversation, to recommend specific movies based on the personal interests of the person, and then a robot visitor immediately be able to buy a ticket for him to correct movie showtimes.

It is obvious that such a service robot can be used not only in cinemas but also in restaurants, shops, museums, train stations and airports, as well as in offices and other “public offices”.

We have already written about these service robots. For example, about a robot RoboPal or French robot Kompai, which is designed to assist older people or about a Japanese robot Twendy-One, developed at Waseda University, and is intended to help elderly people in their decision to various daily tasks.

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