Robot shopping in Japan for pensioners

Tmsuk reports again with even more human robot action. This time, they show us a shopping Robo of very, very far away can be controlled. The modified TMSUK-4 humanoids (but not necessarily a robot from the pole) ran in Kitakyushu, Japan (where else), from home on a NTT DoCoMo Videophone before acting visibly beglucktem audience to buy a few hats. Apparently betagtere saw the lady through the eyes of a robot and controlled his movements around each behende Funkloch around across the Hutabteilung and probably happy now jumps up and down, because they used their new head covering finally looks like Prizessin Victoria. Our presumption would be that a Otaku it certainly would have done a pack of roasted Quallen snacknachschubs to buy, but Tmsuk was probably more on the social aspects of PR, finally reached the female part of the Japanese population now average age, the pension experts here in the blood can freeze the veins. We will further Tmsuk News, if the guide dog Robo-shopping secretly in the Robo-Pachinko Parlour abducted.