Why are smarter than football player?

Why are smarter than football playerChampionship among robots – a sort of annual review of the achievements of artificial intelligence. Some cars will be playing soccer, others – to depict rescuers in the earthquake.

Each year the championships are among robots. The audience is moved: “Oh, what umnen’kiye cars, funny how they kick the ball … But if a chess computer can put a man on the shoulder-GM, then with the team of people, according to optimistic forecasts, robots will play no earlier than 2050.

We used to take players obtuse guys, however, to simulate the performance of their brain, you need many times more “artificial intelligence” than the competition with a highbrow Kasparov (meaning it is chess, not the debate on the future of Russia).

We asked to comment on this paradox chief designer of “Smart” Victor Artyukhova. He is engaged in development of artificial intelligence systems and, in particular, created the “brains” for a Russian team of robotic soccer players. Viktor Artyukhov said: “The Chess computer” thinks “radically different from the man and wins more of its computing power than the” mind “. In this case I do not personally aware of any chess computer, which would be able to manage even a fly. ”

Why are smarter than football playersThe coming race of robot soccer players with people – this is only an external, “advertising” goal. The press release the organizers of Robocop emphasized: “Although our soccer has become a source of entertainment for thousands of spectators, serious problems lie outside the football field. Football is used as a typical problem of robotics and artificial intelligence, which allows you to compare results from different studies.

Robots players are capable of advanced technology in various fields – from medicine to weapons. For example, according to U.S. military doctrine, every year more and more U.S. planes will fly in an unmanned mode. It is expected that by 2025 robots will make planes 90% of the air forces of America. “Autonomy” will gain not only intelligence, but also fighting vehicles.

Much of the work of robot soccer players is very similar to control unmanned aircraft.
Moreover, often the team of robotic soccer players and “stuffing” for military equipment are developing the same universities and laboratories.

According to some analysts, it is “intelligent” aircraft and other “independent” technology can be a strategic advantage of the U.S. Army in the global and local wars. And you say – football …

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