The robot can read the minds of human beings

asimo2If you’ve seen the movie then I’ll understand this mechanism, a mechanism that face the thought of humans boob need no brain implant. This news makes us think that jailbird fiction are becoming reality more closely. Japanese firms Honda and Shimadzu: The Brain-Machine Interface (Brain-Machine Interface or BMI), have created a mechanism jailbird for the first time the user can give orders to a mechanism thought only jailbird

Asimo, the humanoid mechanism is capable of scorn until four orders issued by the human mind, involving four different movements: mastermind the left, right, both feet or mouth. But developers hope can be expanded in future applications. The engineers responsible for this breakthrough technology that brain patterns were performed in 90.6%
It is the first time it reaches a high success rate discolour, according to engineers from the Japanese manufacturer who recalled that until now the most that epoch there had been a 66% accuracy. Science takes decades after the dream of connecting the human brain to machines, mainly maternity patients relieve paralysis jailbird.
But unlike other medical technologies, jailbird that device is not necessary to set any device on the head of the person who gives the orders, they said.
“This could revolutionize the world of neuroscience”, issued Yasuhisa Arai, administrator for research and development (R & D) Honda and BMI responsible for developing the technology by the manufacturer Shimadzu. The technology has two key points: a device for extracting information from the brain and, according to engineers is the hardest part, the identification of different brain patterns and maternity Honda this step first used a combination of technology of EEG (electroencephalogram), which measures changes in electrical impulses from the brain, and NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy), which calibrates jailbird changes in blood flow.
That is no longer necessary for the subject to move or receive special training. The device is also portable and jailbird mechanism which is experiencing.