Toyota Mobiro: Robo-Job

Toyota Mobiro: Robo-JobThe car manufacturer Toyota will focus increasingly on the development of robots as partners of the people. “Back to the benefit of the public and the people I would like the robot and robot accelerate development time for practical application,” announced Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe on Thursday ( 5.12.) During the presentation of two new Human robot models. The single “Mobiro”, an abbreviation of mobility robot that can bring people driven by a battery with a speed of six km / h over distances of up to 20 kilometers transported. Here he is in a position to independently avoid obstacles and can also be sent by remote control. He is scheduled to start the second half of 2008 in different business areas are used. The second humanoids is a violin-playing robots, even like a real man a vibrato hinbekommt. The 1.50 meter robot as its human Ebenbilder on two legs, weighs 56 kilograms and has a total of 17 joints in his hands and arms which, also very sensitive to movements similar to those of a man . The robot was designed to allow employees in the care service to go and household help, it noted.