Environmentally friendly and educational robot

robot5In May 2009, in Japan, Municipal Environmental Center processing (G. Yao, Yao), with the assistance of students has developed an environmentally friendly robot (Recycling & Environment Robot), whose purpose – teaching children waste.

Children can play in the game-quiz with the robot to determine to what trash should be sent, for example, a bottle. The child gives the robot a raw material for recycling, and the robot, thinking about 15 seconds, gives the answer.

As the robot determines the material is made from a garbage object? It compresses the object (metal or plastic) – up to deformation of the object, strain gauges, determine the force created for this strain. Of course, there are difficulties due to the fact that some plastic bottles have solid ribs. Therefore, the robot sometimes makes mistakes and can not distinguish them from aluminum cans. But the system keeps track of erroneous decisions, gathering statistics to further improve the accuracy of measuring abilities robot.

The robot is designed to work with primary school pupils, so the robot is equipped with an open system of recognition and speech synthesis Julius: based on open software codes. So the robot can answer students’ questions about recycling.

Growth of the robot – 123 cm Weight – 60 kg. He has 5 degrees of freedom of its strong hands (servo motors with a torque of 115 kg / cm and 40 kg / cm) and 2 degrees of freedom for the neck, as well as 5 fotootrazhayuschih navigation sensors.

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