For the first time have surgery on the heart using a radio-controlled robot.

Robot BallPUsing remote-controlled robots that perform complex surgical operations has some advantages, as well as for doctors and patients. This allows doctors to avoid physical exertion, fatigue and a more lengthy and complex operations. For the patient reduces the risk of entry of infection, which has a positive effect on the rate of recovery after surgery and full recovery. A group of doctors from the UK took another step towards the application of robotics in surgery, to remotely execute complex heart surgery using a robot working on the remote control.

The operation was conducted in a hospital in Leicester’s Greenfield (Leicester’s Greenfield Hospital), the operation itself, and performed remotely, led cardiologist Ang Andre (Andre Ng). For the operation to use the remote system Remote Catheter Manipulation System, manufactured by Catheter Robotics, which is usually used for remote input and control catheters. During the operation in case of hedging close to operating in standby mode was the team of doctors and technicians, but their assistance was not required because the robot has acted precisely and flawlessly.

In an operation using a robot has allowed surgeons to perform their work without putting themselves at serious anti-radiation “armor” to protect them from radiation X-ray machine that greatly reduced the time of the operation. But the potential of this technology is huge; the technology may allow surgeons performing operations located in other cities and even in other countries. Just imagine the situation in the future, when a team of leading surgeons located in different parts of the globe, collaborate on complex surgery using a robot.

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