In the secret laboratories

QACTU_IMG_PREVIEWAmong the amazing robots being prepared in secret labs French must include Psikharpax, which works on the Lip6 (Computer Lab Paris 6).The mobile robot that looks like a mouse – its “head” ends with a dart nose where long whiskers – will be released in an unfamiliar environment where he must survive. He will remember the important places where recharge his batteries and those where he runs a risk – there heard footsteps – to better avoid them, and will plan its tasks according to the constraints.

The Héliquadrator, meanwhile, is a mini-helicopter capable of hovering in place in a completely autonomous. Tomorrow, the flying robot developed by the laboratory Heudiasyc (CNRS) could perform missions tracking and aerial surveillance.

Finally, do not refuse the tour the next time you visit a museum. In fact guide, they will possibly be a robot as Diligent, tested in the laboratory of speech communication (CNRS) and the Louvre which could provide. It will take you through the maze of the largest museum in the world to the works of art that interest you and even follow your eyes to bring you information on the details that have caught your attention.