Intelligent humanoid robot types

robotThe purpose of this program is to construct such services that can Weiren types of intelligent humanoid robot system, profit with this type of intelligent humanoid robot system actually applied to daily life for the elderly people living alone, the hospital provides medical care for patients services to assist the action will not end the patient to take food, drugs or transporting other items. After the project is expected to be completed, this type of intelligent humanoid robot system will be able to avoid since the Bank barrier, conduct walk to the destination, to collect various items placed on side plate, back to patient side, delivery of items for the patients service.

This project is to type humanoid robot has more Flexi-ability of the movement, which plans to pre-set for the 28 free increased to 31 in the waist to add a free, each arm of the shoulder add a freeDepartment, and the wrist and the clamps are set to 2 free were conducted by 31 research and development since the built-in motion controller drives the servo motor and direct flow of components, which direct flow of the servo motor-driven I2C interface using the transmission mode to achieve co-ordination of future communication. Free side, 12 feet agencies will have free, individual agencies for six legs a free, upper trunk, respectively, in the head and waist, with three free, the free the waist in order to be deemed Bank used to adjust the focus of travel time in addition to still have a dual robotic arm, which each arm has six months are free(including clip claw), the two arms with a total of 12 free, in the end face installation of two-camera images and obstructions as the identification and handling purposes, and his face has three free to serve as a mobile camera’s Flexi-control purposes.

Biped robot’s basic research ideas can be divided into based on the bionics of the original management and the management based on dynamic control of the former two, these two different ideas of research methods in the biped robot’s gait has a wide range of design and planning application, the original management algorithm based on bionics can be conducted and completely dependent on the gait data, while the robot’s gait and the specific number of participants will be handling the actual objects influence each other to get big volume for the robot is known Step Bank data and is not an easy thing, and different data between the robot will have a different number of physical participants, and do not share the nature, therefore based on the bionics research methods are not the original management with fitness, it will be the integration of project management based on dynamic control of the original ideas for future research.
With social and industrial structure changes in the products humans for scientific and technological dependence on profit and strong, and due to rapid advances in medicine, the old year and quickly form a society. Therefore, service robots are not not allow future development potential underestimated. In an era of advanced technology and robots to become the guardian of the people, particularly in elderly women and children services, based on existing technology is not not possible, why not future service robots will be a lack of social life may or may not partner.