Japanese PREZENTOVALI “Facilities” Robots ANDROIDA

“Facilities” robot postiral shirt in the car and vymyl sex shvabroy. This happened in front of venerable public Oct. 24 during a presentation androida at the University of Tokyo (University of Tokyo), specialists who along with seven leading Japanese companies have submitted an interim result of large-scale project for the development of robot assistants to support an aging population.

On the initiative of IRT – connecting IT (information technology) and RT (robot) – we were told at the time of its launch in summer 2006. Now the consortium, which among others included Toyota, Panasonic and Mitsubishi, have something to show. This robot AR (Assistant Robot).

According to the Robot Watch, 130-kg android has an impressive growth of 1550 mm. His breadth of 650, and the depth – 770 mm. Placed “on board” battery allows the machine to work within 30-60 minutes, depending on load. 

In total, the “Ary” 32 degrees of freedom: three are in the head and neck, seven on each hand (plus six in trehpalyh kistyah), one in Italy and two in the wheels. 

AR is equipped with several cameras, including wide-angle, stereo and omnidirectional, as well as ultrasonic sensors and laser rangefinder.

The Japanese identify three key skills, which listed AR endowed through technology. First, it “learns” the environment, secondly, it creates a 3D-model and, thirdly, is capable of visually, “at the viewer, determine the success of any action that in the event of failure to try again.

According to the creators of the robot, machine-assistant of this kind in ten years will take its place “between consumer electronics and home appliances” and will be sold on the same low price as cars. ”