Opened a Center for Robotics Research

Robotics ResearchWith 3 years experience within the market, the 20th January next Laguna open Robotics Research Center for Robotics Applications in La Laguna.

Jesus Corrales River, Laguna Robotics CEO, explained that several years of industrial robotics programming done, however, the need for a center where they will train the staff and clients, a place where testing and simulations as show customers as an automated process can solve our problems or improve processes.

He said that earlier designs were made and showed the proposed tour. He said that one of its main clients is Penoles who have made designs.

Barraza Diana Quinonez, Robotics Sales Manager Laguna, mentioned that there is now virtual design and show it live, no longer in a computer.

Corrales Del Rio said they are open to offer the service locally, nationally and internationally because. Today the firm is focused on Laguna but the plaza in Monterrey work already conducted with the company and a company Hersey agglomerates of Durango. For both engineering is done for process automation.


Barraza Quinonez noted that the Center will also benefit students of various universities in the region to come to make their practices or their residences, applying his knowledge in a real application, not virtual.

ITESM Campus Laguna currently has a similar center; however, is the only externally to operate an educational institution. Laguna Robotics currently has a collaboration agreement with the Institute Technology of Laguna.

The signature lagoon will focus on making automating processes within the industrial sector, thus indicating that existing local businesses interested in making an automation of all processes.

Unwilling to invest

CEO acknowledged that local entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in technology, but noted that all this depends greatly on the scale of business in question is a small or large company.

One of the strengths of the company mentioned is that they offer customized solutions in design automation using robots used to make an application of robotics cheaper without compromising quality.

He said firms that market the robots always recommend new equipment, but at a price less accessible to employers. Currently, the company will focus on offering its services to local entrepreneurs, using a workforce of 25 people in the Research Center .

After one and a half struggling to get resources from CONACYT, Corrales Del Rio said the most expensive investment that had to do to install this research center for robotic applications were robots, software and equipment.

He noted that when installed automation processes causing the company to train its staff, which will generate higher value jobs and better paid.

Invite talks Innovation Funds

Call for companies to promote and provide information talks Innovation Fund promotes and Coecyt Conacyt. The date is Tuesday in Laguna Coparmex facilities in two talks to be held, one at 10 am and the second at 5 ½ o’clock.

Rogelio Martinez Mojica, Coecyt regional coordinator, said the invitation is open to the business sector to know firsthand the changes that occurred in the application of resources within these funds for Innovation, within which are handled 3 modalities: INNOVAPYME, PROINNOVA and Innovatec. He said it is a good time for small business owners know the characteristics, but above all the deadlines to register and get federal resources.

The authority for the birth of a small business interest in participating, download resources and implement technological innovation. Mojica Martinez said that employers can participate with or without continuous improvement projects, since they can access both economic support or training, as appropriate.